Why Shapewear?

Why Shapewear?

While there are tons of reasons that Shapewear is good for you, in a fashion and healthy aspect, we picked out the 6 best reasons for you!

1. Maximum Curve Creation
Not a lot of people know that Shapewear actually maximizes your curvy figure. Wearing certain Shapewear products made of latex can help compress your midsection. Right off the bat you will notice a reduction of 1 to 3 inches in the midsection. This will help develop the hourglass figure.

2. Provides Bust Support
Another great feature Shapewear helps with is increasing the look of your breasts. There are tons of Shapewear products that have under bust style garments that help raise your bra area. 

3. Reduced Bulging 
Ever get that uncomfortable feeling when you go out and people can see you bulging? We sure have. Shapewear can actually help with this problem. Shapewear reduces bulging by providing compression, which in turn gets rid of the muffin top or unwanted bulges in the back. The next time you wear a tight dress or top, bulging will be the last thing on your mind.

4. Boosts Thermal Activity and Weight Loss
Many studies over the years have actually seen an improvement in weight loss by wearing shapewear. Some shapewear pieces are designed using latex panels. These specific designs help increase blood flow, promote thermal activity and move toxins. Long term-use studies have in fact shown sustained loss of inches when wearing shapewear.

5. Reduction of Cellulite 
Are you embarrassed to show your legs because of cellulite? Shapewear can help reduce this without any medical or surgical treatments! There are some shapewear pieces called anti-cellulite shapers, that use techniques within the garment known as micro-massage and infusion to smooth and tone the skin. That's a mouthful! But try it and fix the embarrassment we all feel.

6. Look Slimmer
The most popular reason for wearing shapewear is to get a slimmer appearance. There are in fact shapewear pieces designed for all parts of your body to help them appear slimmer and leaner!